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    The Design of Rácz Sikló, Budapest

    Architects: János Róth, Péter Lasztóczi
    Text: Eszter Götz

    An environment-protective investment of Budapest is soon to be completed in its final form. The idea of Sikló (funicular railway) on Gellérthegy was first evolved back in the reform age. The reconstruction of the complex including Rác Baths and a new hotel is to be finished by 2010 according to plans. This funicular railway promises to be more than just one more spectacular sight of the city: it is meant to release Gellérthegy from tourist buses and motor vehicles, and position an exciting contemporary architectural project on the slope of the hill facing the River Danube, whilst also regularizing the relationship between Tabán and Citadella.

    Építész tervezők:
    Sikló: Roth János DLA, Lasztóczi Péter
    Buszparkoló: Kamarás Bálint, Molnos Attila
    Környezettervezés: Szalkai Adrienne
    Építtető: Rác Sikló Kft