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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • The tenement palace where Gustav Mahler moved

    Vilmos Freund died 100 years ago

    Text and photos: András Jeney

    At No. 7, Teréz Boulevard, Budapest architect Vilmos Freund designed an elegant tenement palace commissioned by landowner Jakab Sváb. Born in Paks and died 100 years ago now, Vilmos Freund (1846–1920) was one of the most formative designers of Neo-Renaissance architecture in Hungary. He graduated from the Technical University of Zurich as an architect. One of his professors was the internationally famed Gottfried Semper the style of whose buildings are reflected in several designs by his talented Hungarian student. The majority of his works numbering more than 50 are focussed in Budapest. He was a versatile artist, who proved his excellence in various genres of architecture as a designer of tenement palaces, mansions, hospitals, educational facilities, and was also a significant and active participant of his profession in public.