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  • On the Duties of Thinking and the Necessity to Act

    András Lányi: Introduction to Eco-Philosophy for Beginner Advanced Students

    Text: Zsuzsa Schäffer

    This book written by András Lányi is a comprehensive survey of the entire system of ecological thinking in four chapters based on various associated topics. The first part gives an ecological criticism of modern industrial society, the second is about the relationship between the individual and society, the third one approaches issues of eco-philosophy via political trends, whilst the fourth one maps the ways of eco-ethics. The pandemic of these days is an urgency and emergency enforcing us to revise and replan, whilst turning the warnings that ecology-minded thinkers have been repeating for decades now into a reality: humans peopling the planet today are overexposed to global economies, they fail to protect and monitor local values and the climate change to the extent they should, and overpopulation is a real hazard coupled with mass tourism which results in the appearance of epidemics yet unknown to us.