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  • A Master of Historicism

    Dr. Pilkhoffer Mónika: The Oeuvre of Architecture Adolf Lang. TERC, Budapest, 2017, 216 page

    Szöveg: Jeney András

    Mónika Pilkhoffer, an associate history professor with the University of Pécs, has also established her fame as an art historian. In her latest publication she analyses the oeuvre Adolf Lang (1848–1913) with special regard to historicism (revivalist styles). A starting point for this was her research into two public buildings of the architect located in Pécs. Born in Prague, the architect had German and Jewish ancestors, he was a student of a prestigious Vienna-based architect, Heinrich Ferstel, who later on found him a lecturer’s position on more than one occasion. As a result of thorough and long research work into the topic, this monography presents the architect’s biography, main projects and less successful buildings, designs that remained in blueprint, his stylistic relations and associations, which greatly contributes to place Adolf Lang in the position he well deserves in the history of Hungarian architecture in the age of the dual monarchy.