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  • The Most Hungarian European

    Károly Kós Exhibition in Paris

    Text: Anthony Gall

    Opened virtually in November, 2020, it is a „genuine” exhibition in the Paris-based culture centre of Hungary titled L’architecte le plus hongrois dans l’Europe au XX. siècle, or Károly Kós, the most Hungarian European architect of the 20th century. This programme in Paris is already the third one of the kind associated with Károly Kós that is a result of the co-operation between was BFL and és the Ybl Faculty. This exhibition is furnished on two storeys of the instute. On the ground floor there are the installations and the pannos complementing them, whilst the first floor houses some models (e.g. that of the Bison House borrowed from the Museum of Hungarian Architecture, and the portrait sculpture of Károly Kós made by András Kós, and all this is highlighted by photographs of buildings by Károly Kós – churches, detached family houses – made by László Haris. Each item of the exhibition is accompanied by explanations in Hungarian, French and English. The three boxes also mark three periods of Károly Kós’s oeuvre: the pre-war (befor World War I), the wartime years and the long-lasting post-war era.