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  • The Reality of Architecture – „There, We Have Everything”

    To Attila Batár Aged 95

    Text: Péter György

    Talking about architecture, we tend to exclusively look for correlations between political, cultural and social spheres, and then make them objects of critical analyses. The inseparable associations of physical and symbolic spaces prove again and again the role of architecture in politics and power. We find it way too self-evident that cultural spheres overlap and screen almost entirely what we term as the realities of physical, natural spaces, the infinite richness and complexity of Attila Batár in several books and in a variety of contexts. Batár analyzes the effects and impacts of cultural and political spaces as we get to know them in the passage of time in their entire sensitive realities. He is one of those professionals who regard architecture a self-evident subject, including mortal and infinite, invisible and imperceptible, the traces of time and living things left on stones and in spaces.