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  • The Oeuvre of architect György Csete

    This time, the Postscript column focuses on a single topic: the works of architect György Csete. The papers were presented at the conference organised by the Hungarian Academy of Arts (Magyar Művészeti Akadémia) on 29-30th November 2022 titled „On the Tulip Trees’ Tower” – Conference on the works of György Csete, architect and Ildikó Csete, textile artist. Of the 17 lectures presented during the two-day conference, five have been selected for the Postscript column, and five more papers can be found on the website meonline.hu. We are more than pleased to present these papers and the others from all round the world, which add new directions to the research into the oeuvre of György Csete, one of the founders of Hungarian organic architecture, who passed away in 2016. We are grateful and thankful to the organiser of the conference, art historian Miklós Sulyok, Örs Csete as the leader of the Csete Foundation as well as to the authors for providing us with the texts of the papers – The editor