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    Meeting Points in the careers of István Medgyaszay and Dezső Hültl

    Text: Rita Karácsony

    István Medgyaszay, a pioneering architect in ferro-concrete technology in Hungary was appointed a private lecturer with the Budapest University of technology in 1927, after a significant career as a researcher and designer. From that time on, there was the opportunity for him to share his experience of his tours and design work with his audience of interested students. Throughout his career he ambitioned to find the adequate form for ferroconcrete architecture that he had discovered quite early to manifest the forces within the structure. Besides education, he had been engaged in researching the origins of Hungarian folk art and architectural design all throughout his oeuvre. In cooperation with his fellow lecturer, Dezső Hültl they phrased a similar goal for themselves and all the architects’ profession to find the adequate forms and ornaments for modernist architecture. However, they had a different way, and even so they were given design tasks and joint projects that defined their careers respectively.