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  • From György Klösz to the Museum of Fine Arts

    Text: Péter Baki

    Architectural photos, much in the same way as any of the genres of applied photography that also serve the needs of clients, are ambiguous when it comes to their artistic evaluation. On the one hand, the sheer existence of clients’ expectations suggests to the observer that in this case the photo was not based on individual invention, whilst on the other hand its creator had to systematically follow a professional „protocol” which simultaneously puts constraints on it. However, there tend to be photos appearing from time to time that do not only illustrate this approach. Besides others, Martin Munkácsi or Lucien Hervé has created such a uniquely individual visual world by works of art that convey their messages via their approach as well as artistic and technical solutions in their own characteristic way that simultaneously with this they also perfectly comply with the requirements of their clients.

    Photo: Hsu Hao-Long: Fluid architecture, National Art Centre, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2017, Architectural Photography Award 2017