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  • Collective House, Miskolc

    Text: Kornélia Kissfazekas, Ádám Pirity

    Communal life is getting more and more popular. We can use shared cars, bicycles to  travel. Vacant lots in downtown zones are converted into communal gardens. Almost every kind of household appliance  can be rented even for a short period, including clothes and turning machines. In the field of work one of the most popular trends is having communal offices, whilst co-housing is seen as an alternative to urban co-habiting. Viewing these tendencies, it is a priority to get to know one of the first initiatives in Hungary that was realized at the end of the 1970s by 30 university students who decided to start their adult life together.  They chose Miskolc to settle down which was then one of the most significant industrial centres of the country, which badly needed young professionals, including designers. This might be the reason why the City Council then gave them the opportunity to build a residential building made complete with communal spaces for the community whiching to stay together.