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  • Albert Kőrössy’s Architecture

    Issues of stereotypes and etimology associated with Art Nouveau in Hungary

    Text: Eszter Baldavári

    The 150th anniversary of Albert Kálmán Kőrössy’s birth, who was one of the most talented architects of turn-of-the-century Hungary, is celebrated by the opening of the exhibition titled Expertise Woven through with a Taste for Decoration organised by the Museum of Hungarian Architecture and the Documentation Centre of the Protection of Historic Buildings. The original venues were Ráth György Mansion in Budapest, and the building of the National Pedagogical Library and Museum designed by Kőrössy from where the exhibition was moved to atrium and stairhall of Wenckheim Palace, the Municipal Ervin Szabó Library. The events for professionals included lectures on the oeuvre of Albert Kálmán Kőrössy by the author of this article, who surveyed the results of his research work of 11 years. Kőrössy’s works had been unexplored by art history literature, and he was typically referred to as a follower of Ödön Lechner.