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  • Kozma Classic

    Exhibition of Works by Lajos Kozma on the 70th Anniversary of his Death
    Kunsthalle, Budapest, 5 September – 2 December 2018

    Text: Péter Rostás
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    Lajos Kozma, the world-famous architect-designer, graphic artist and educator, died 70 years ago. In honour of his excellence, a large-scale series of programmes was launched within the framework of his memorial year 2018 which is targeted to present Kozma’s versatile oeuvre, as well as his complex attitude to design. One of the most outstanding events of these programmes is the exhibition hosted by the Art Gallery Budapest titled Kozma Classic: The Budapest Workshop and Lajos Kozma Lajos. The earliest architectural works and graphic art pieces by Lajos Kozma featured folk art inspired tendencies of Art Nouveau which were also emphasized in Károly Kós’s oeuvre. In 1913 he founded Budapest Workshop in order to renew interior decoration and design. Furniture designed by him in the 1920s feature signature characteristics that have evolved into original concepts since then. Being one of the most frequently published Hungarian architect of his period, appr. 70 international and Hungarian periodicals have presented his architecture, interior designs and graphic pieces during his lifetime, which in turn greatly influenced contemporary applied arts combined with his theoretical works. We are hereby publishing the inaugural speech of his exhibition – the editor.