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  • Pro Hungarian Architecture Medal: Ákos Moravánszky

    Text: András Ferkai

    Ákos Moravánszky architect, editor of a periodical, author and educator has a career which is both versatile and of international standards. As a recognition of his work in Hungary, he was invited to act as a research assistant with the California-based Getty Center in 1989, and then, in 1991 one of the best technical universities of the USA, the Boston-based MIT employed him as a visiting professor. He had been a professor with the Zurich-based ETH for a long time, and published several volumes and text-books that are known internationally. It is a great pleasure for all of us to award Ákos Moravánszky, the former editor-in-chief of our periodical who is also an honorary member of the Széchenyi Art Academy, and honorary professor of the Technology University of Budapest, the medal Pro Hungarian Architecture.