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  • What Did Our Predecessors Know?

    Urban Photos by György Klösz and Architectural Photography

    Text: Klára Szarka

    György Klösz is a highly successful photographer from more than one aspect, having been a popular and much respected creator and well-performing entrepreneur of his age in Hungary at the time following the compromise of 1867. However, he was not forgotten after his death either: what is more, he has been rediscovered from time to time, with an ever-growing enthusiasm.
    The photos he made of towns, cities and buildings are well worth studying even today: whilst trying to decipher the secret of his visual creative methodology one can get to know more and more not only about photography, but also about our architectural heritage. One of the greatest posthumous successes Klösz had ever had dates back to the late-20th century when an album including a selection of his photos was published (and has been republished since then several times) titled Budapest anno. This volume of photography drew the attention of the wider public to the one-time Budapest as well as to the masters who made records of the old capital city. Klösz’s activities have inspired our contemporary photographers and are expected to be highly interesting for historians specialized in photography as well.