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  • Mihály Ráday’s Revolution

    The Beginning of the Urban Protection Movement

    Text: György Szegő

    As a cinematographer and director, Mihály Ráday made several TV serires, documentaries and children’s programs in addition to his legendary television series, which ran for 30 years. For 15 years we were able to see their joint television series with Tamás Katona from 1848. He wrote books and newspaper articles, organized a nationwide association and a city protection children’s camp, and visited the preservation of the Róth Miksa house or the sunshine studio in Târgu-Mureş. Pieces of his photos from Budapest are in the Budapest Collection of Szabó Ervin Municipal Library, many other photos at Fortepan. Mihály Ráday was an institution. The dissertation published here, which was prepared 40 years ago for the “benefit” of television, aims to recall his responsible way of thinking, perseverance, and the social impact of his movement as a model.