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  • Urbanistics with Corona Virus Fever?

    Text: Richárd Ongjerth

    Disasters have played major roles in the development of cities in two different ways so far. Firstly, fires, floods, earthquakes, or even volcano eruptions often destroyed existing settlements, annihilating long-standing conditions, circumstances of existence.  Such events , however, also made it possible for towns and cities to further develop after rebirth in a more modern way, offering better conditions with regard to the lessons of the recent disaster.  These trends did not as a rule take place quickly or systematically, and were closely associated with the culture and traditions of the country and society concerned. Although it seems to be likely that after the passage of the COVID-19 pandemic  –  and its potential aftermaths  – life will go on in a slightly modified, but not entirely new new way after the restart of economies in cities, there are lessons to be learnt from the series of events associated with the pandemic that may strengthen the flexibility and resistance of cities agains would-be, unexpected and yet unknown disasters whilst also facilitating the evolution of more liveable and safer conditions for everda life.