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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • At the Wall

    Monument in memory of the victims of fascism, Balf

    Architect: Barnabás Winkler
    Sculptor: László Kutas
    Text: Ferenc Vidor
    Photos: Attila Polgár


    In Balf situated on the western frontier of Hungary, now at last there is a monument which the whole of Hungarian society has owed for a long time: it was erected in memory of the massacred victims of a cataclysm, amongst them Antal Szerb, a most important figure of modern Hungarian literature, whose character is evoked here with extraordinary sensitivity. It is the merit of architect Barnabás Winkler who realized and embraced the well-justified claim to get Hungarian society as such to face the tragedy expressed via a concentrated language of symbolism, encouraging everyone to have and show deeper empathy and considerations whoever are willing to get engaged in absorption when spending some time at the memorial site.