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    12th International Congress of Architects

    Text: Marianna Berényi
    Photos: János Szentiváni


    ‘Architecture for Architecture’ was the slogan of the 12th International Congress of Architects taking place on March 7th 2015 in the Conference hall of Várkert Bazaar in the Buda Castle district of Budapest. Some of the lectures delivered here outlined a kind of architecture featuring human scales and dimensions which is based on the specific features of the operations of the environment and society and human communities. Drawing lively attention, it was this conference where the jury including Tamás Perényi, Gyula Fülöp, László Sáros, János Vonnák and Gábor Klinger made the decisions about the winning designs submitted for the tender titled ‘The Gems of a House’. Of the completed buildings the prizes thus went to the house in Szentendre designed by Gábor Brjeska and Attila Balázs, the detached family house by Péter Kovács in Debrecen, whilst of the designs those by Erik Halmosi and László Tóth were the winners and Endre Glück received the public award with the most votes.