Architecture Around the World

Kossuth Prize for Gábor Bachman Text: József Készman Individuals awarded prizes in the category of artistic creativity received their recognitions in the Houses of Parliament on March 15th. Amongst high-ranking officials representing the Hungarian state, Gábor Bachman appeared as a characteristic and peculiar punk-rock figure. The official recognition and appreciation of both his character and […]

Functions in Change

12th International Congress of Architects Text: Marianna Berényi Photos: János Szentiváni ‘Architecture for Architecture’ was the slogan of the 12th International Congress of Architects taking place on March 7th 2015 in the Conference hall of Várkert Bazaar in the Buda Castle district of Budapest. Some of the lectures delivered here outlined a kind of architecture […]

Facing the Feathered Lizard

Pécsinger Vinery, Győrújbarát Architect: Dezső Ekler Text: János Golda Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky The first versions of designs for the rape-juice plant complex date from 2011 featuring the same topic: the extensive vineyard made up of endless parallel rows of vines are interspersed with lanes of geometrically trimmed lines of trees crowned with rectangular foliages that […]

Adjustment in the Past, Present and Future Tenses

Students’ Hostel, Graphisoft Park, Budapest Architects: András Vikár, István Lukács, Árpád Gál, Tamás Bencsik Text: Bálint Botzheim Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky A new unit complementing the multi-colour complex of Graphisoft Park which is integral in its architectural vocabulary, the Students’ Hostel of the International Business School projects the continuation of the high-standard architecture of the park. […]

Etudes composed on an Office Block

K4 Office Centre, Budapest Architects: Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther Text: Miklós Okrutay Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky Seeing the first sweepingly dynamic reception, one has the impression that the newly built office block at the junction of Váci and Dózsa György roads does not take away anything but adds to the site, self-evidently re-phrasing the square by […]

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

A Sports Hall on St Martin’s Hill Architect: Róbert Gutowski Text: Dominika Vámos Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky The new sports hall of the Benedictine monastic community was opened in autumn 2014. Originally built in 1942, the secondary grammar school has acquired its present-day design as an organic continuation of the old complex of the abbey. In […]

Higher and Higher All the Time

Look-Out on Pilis-tető Architect: József Koller Text: Miklós Okrutay Photos: József Hajdú The path leading to the highest point of the Pilis Hills has long been avoided by those who love hiking in the forests even if tourist maps of the region published meanwhile included it nonstop. As late as the mid-1990s there had been […]

A Look-Out in the Hungarian Puszta

Church Ruins and Memorial Site, Csomorkány Architects: András Varsányi, Norbert Vas Text and photos: Bálint Botzheim 17 km east from Hódmezővásárhely, right in the middle of the Hungarian „puszta” the location of Csomorkány – formerly a village of medieval origins – is marked by the ruins of the church, a look-out and a memorial site. […]

Awaiting Spring

Teleki Square, Budapest Architects: György Alföldi, Dick Sikkes, Éva Albel, Péter Márk Landscape, park design: Újirány Tájépítész Kft. Text: Anna Losonczy Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky The long-awaited reconstruction of Teleki Square in Józsefváros, Budapest has been realized as the third stage of the project named Magdolna District so as to provide an opportunity for us to […]

Treasure Island

The Reconstruction of the Former L’Huillier-Coburg Mansion, Edelény Architect: Pál Farkas Text: Sándor Csontó Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky Located in Edelény, the former L’Huillier-Coburg mansion is one of the earliest and brightest examples of the Baroque style in Hungary. Its well-proportioned dimensions and beauty excel it to rank amongst the best architectural works in both the […]

The Unity of Illusion

The Reconstruction of the Castle in Diósgyőr Architects: Gyula Cséfalvay, Judith Botos Text: Anna Zöldi Photos: Gyula Cséfalvay The castle of Diósgyőr was restored in the 60s and the complex opened in 1968 is a witty example of the restoration of historic monuments carried out in the spirit of the Venetian chart whilst also being […]