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  • Adjustment in the Past, Present and Future Tenses

    Students’ Hostel, Graphisoft Park, Budapest

    Architects: András Vikár, István Lukács, Árpád Gál, Tamás Bencsik
    Text: Bálint Botzheim
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky


    A new unit complementing the multi-colour complex of Graphisoft Park which is integral in its architectural vocabulary, the Students’ Hostel of the International Business School projects the continuation of the high-standard architecture of the park. The trapezoid shape of the site defines the disposition of the building which shows a considerable degree of playfulness despite the limited and disciplined character of the development. Three blocks of the building are connected in a horizontal plan of a Y-shape configuration. The centrally positioned four-storey block of the Y grows onto and thus embraces the two three-storey wings. On the north- eastern side facing the street the building opens up into two to reveal the entrance whilst creating a plaza in-between the two wings. It is at this junction where the longer four-storey block appears with its glass facade. The general floor-plan contains the communication cores at the junction of the Y-shape as well as the communal zone with a kitchenette. This is where corridors leading to the rooms start from. The top level features a roof terrace to further enhance the utilization of the spaces included. The playful character of the facade is a result of simple means: designers composed a seemingly random alternating pattern made up of ceramic components.

    General designer: Vikár és Lukács Építész Stúdió Kft.
    Architects: András Vikár DLA, István Lukács, Árpád Gál, Tamás Bencsik
    Fellow architects: János Mangel, Norbert Kákóczki, Szabolcs Szentmáry, Dániel Berecz
    Structural engineer: Péter Hegedűs
    Mechanical engineer: János Bukovics
    Electrical engineer: József Sápi
    Structural design: Balázs Higi
    Developer: Graphisoft Park Ingatlanfejlesztő Kft.