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    Kossuth Prize for Gábor Bachman

    Text: József Készman

    Kortárs Zenei Központ terve, Budapest, 2002 (a megrendelő a terveket elfogadta, de nem A Bachman Stúdió tervét valósította meg)

    Design for a Contemporary Music Centre, Budapest, 2002

    Individuals awarded prizes in the category of artistic creativity received their recognitions in the Houses of Parliament on March 15th. Amongst high-ranking officials representing the Hungarian state, Gábor Bachman appeared as a characteristic and peculiar punk-rock figure. The official recognition and appreciation of both his character and professional activities actually mean that an individual who had been a formative figure of subcultre as well as his creative oeuvre have been integrated in the official cultural canon. On this special occasion of acknowledgement we made an interview with Gábor Bachman to assess his career as an architect.