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    Teleki Square, Budapest

    Architects: György Alföldi, Dick Sikkes, Éva Albel, Péter Márk
    Landscape, park design: Újirány Tájépítész Kft.
    Text: Anna Losonczy
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky


    The long-awaited reconstruction of Teleki Square in Józsefváros, Budapest has been realized as the third stage of the project named Magdolna District so as to provide an opportunity for us to see a view of Teleki Square which is different from what it had shown for decades. Rév8 Zrt. defined the three zones of the new square in an agreement with the local government the functions of two of which have been self-evident. Preserving the market in its location was not only necessitated by its prestigious past, but also by contemporary demands, and the FiDo sports centre came to host and house sports events meant for the age group 12-20 that had to be excluded from the denser fabric of Józsefváros owing to the noise they involved. As the central area possessed intensive traditions, Újirány Csoport (New Direction Group) was invited to help out in order to apply a model based on participation which was in turn also supported by the means of social media.


    Leading architect: György Alföldi
    Project arcitect: Csaba Faragó
    Fellow architects: Borbála Gál, Rita Sámson, Katalin Hegedűs-Balog , Katalin Kázár
    Framework: Dr. László Kakasy
    Structure: András Tölgyesi – HMI Mérnök Iroda
    HVAC: Károly Frastaczky
    Electrical engineer: Gyula Baracskai
    Environment: János Zsilinszki
    Traffic: Péter Molnár
    Wood planting: Dominika Tihanyi, Gábor Szohr
    Client: Józsefvárosi Önkormányzat
    Project management: Gergely Fernezely, Viktor Annus, Mátyás Sipos
    Main contractor: FK Raszter Építő Zrt.

    Teleki Square

    General design: Újirány Tájépítész Kft.
    Landscape: Orsolya B. Orosz, Árpád Kovács, Gábor Szohr, Dominika Tihanyi
    Public utilities: Vakondok Kft.
    Lighting: Béla Bíró
    Waterworks: Ganzhydro Kft.

    FiDo Sport Centre

    Architects: Dick Sikkes, Éva Albel, Péter Márk
    Fellow architects: Kovács Veronika Bartha, Ágnes Baranyi, Anna Jani
    Landscape: András Kuhn, Mónika Radics
    Structure: Ákos Pohl, Henrik Gazdus
    HVAC: József Nagy
    Electrical engineering: József Máté
    Outdoor lights: Zoltán Antal
    Outdoor public utilities: László Csapliczky
    Client: Budapest, Józsefváros Önkormányzata
    Project management: Józsefváros Polgármesteri Hivatal Városfejlesztési és főépítész ügyosztály, Rév8 Zrt.
    Professional program coordinator: Edit Nemes-Imricskó