Architectural Photography Award 2017 exhibition in Prague

Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera, Prague, 2 February – 1 March 2018

The travelling exhibition of Architectural Photography Award 2017 launched by the Association of Hungarian Architects and the Hungarian Architecture magazine arrived to Prague. Dan Merta the director of the …

Architectural Photography Award 2017 – Award ceremony and exhibition opening

Architectural Photography Award 2017 launched on June 15, 2017 by the Association of Hungarian Architects and the Hungarian Architecture magazine invited photographs from all over the world in two categories: open and professional. Deadline for the registration and submitting …

Architectural Photography Award 2017 – Competition Call


Architectural Photography Award launched by the Association of Hungarian Architects and the Hungarian Architecture magazine
The main objective of this contest is to encourage and inspire thinking about our man-made environment via architecture-related …

Evaluation of the Architectural Photography Award 2017

The international architectural photography award published by the Association of Hungarian Architects and the periodical Magyar Építőművészet (Hungarian Architecture) in June, 2017 attracted a total of 1,273 photos submitted by 137 authors from 34 countries of 5 continents. Entries …

Overall situation of architectural photography

Survey question for jurors of the awards

Apropos of the photography award, editors of the periodical asked the jurors a survey question to tell us their opinions about the present-day conditions of contemporary architecture in Central Europe, and, in …

What Did Our Predecessors Know?

Urban Photos by György Klösz and Architectural Photography

Text: Klára Szarka

György Klösz is a highly successful photographer from more than one aspect, having been a popular and much respected creator and well-performing entrepreneur of his age in Hungary …

Informative Image

Architectural Photo as a Visual Tool for Information Flow in the Architecture of the Interwar Period

Text: Ágnes Anna Sebestyén

From the very beginning, the documentation and mediation of visual information about individual buildings and the man-made environment has …

Direct Experience

Forming an Image about the Architecture of Communities

Text: Krisztina Somogyi

Architectural photography has a serious function: it has to draw attention to architectural quality, and present the qualities of architecture as well as the intentions of its makers. …

From György Klösz to the Museum of Fine Arts

Text: Péter Baki

Architectural photos, much in the same way as any of the genres of applied photography that also serve the needs of clients, are ambiguous when it comes to their artistic evaluation. On the one hand, the …

Images of Generating Desire

Text: Judit Gellér

Photography in its diverse existence may be rated as an independent genre of architectural photography. Its realization and execution requires precise expertise and professional know-how, it also demands the photographer to choose the appropriate technology, perspectives, …

World Day of Architecture in AHA

Association of Hungarian Architects
October 2nd, 2017

The UIA, that is the International Association of Architects proclaimed the first Monday of October to be the World Day of Architects to draw attention to architecture which has the potentials to …

Liberty Bridge – New Urban Horizons

16th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice
Competition for Hungarian exhibition

“Liberty Bridge new urban horizons” is the name of the progressive project that’s set to turn heads during the 16th International Architecture Exhibition happening from May 26th through November 25th …