Facelifting Városmajor

Results of the Landscape Design Competition Concept and text: OpenSpace Ltd., Deichler Jakab Studio Budapest Development Centre Nonprofit Co. has published an open landscape design tender to renew Városmajor. The criteria were to have a modern development of a landscaped public park in line with the era and the spirit of liveable sustainable cities with […]

Art House from the Mill

Reconstruction and extension of the former Festetics mill in Toponár Concept and text: Anna Fekecs One of the districts of Kaposvár, Toponár, was once a Festetics estate, and many buildings preserve the memory of the family. Currently, the mill building is unused and if not used, this valuable Festetics memento will be lost. The plan […]

The Strategy of the Complex Reconstruction of the Royal Palace in Buda

Concept and text: Robert Gutowski Client: Várkapitányság Nonprofit Ltd. The Castle Hill and Royal Palace of Buda are a site and memorial of historic and symbolic significance of Hungarian national identity. The place itself is a nationally significant historic monument with regard to Hungary’s past and national belongingness: it is a protected building, a highly […]

Csepel Pool

Intervention in Budapest, Csepel Island Concept: Lamproulis Stratis Present day reality is scourged by environmental destruction caused by humans themselves. False needs are nowadays leading to the overuse of natural resources in such a pace that the environment is unable to restores them. Energy crisis is now a major matter. The immoderate use of fossil […]

Plan for a National Culture Park

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Concept: Barna Kovács D. – Barna Architects Kft. The site of the National Culture Park is a 35-hectare area in Yamag district, located west of the inner city of Ulaanbaatar. The scheme contains a development on approximately 95.000 m2 with functions, community zones and parking spaces. The architectural concept of the park draws […]

Urban Floating Oasis

A New Recreational Island in New York Architect: Thomas Heatherwick Text: György Szegő Photos: Michael Grimm, Thomas Schenck – Little Island Three of New York’s frequented rusty zones are former quays. Two of them are actually the banks of Manhattan East River and Hudson River. The former has been modernized by constructing a clearway, whilst […]

Digital Museum Plan

Veszprém, European Capital of Culture 2023 Concept and text: László Kalmár, Zsolt Zsuffa In recent decades, the institution of the museum has evolved from a sanctuary of learning to a place of experiential experience that seeks to please the public with stunning effects. The concept of creating a new Digital Museum within the framework of […]

Hungarian Concepts for the Shenzhen Opera Competition

Concepts: ZDA, Robert Gutowski Architects In 2020, two projects from two Hungarian architectural firms were included in the second round of the international design competition for the design of the Shenzhen Opera House, among the top 20 designs. Below we present the plans of ZDA as well as Robert Gutowski Architects.  


MÉSZ-MÉK Diploma Award Concept and text: Gergely Tasnádi , MOME Consultants: Balázs Marián, Dave Hakkens, Kinga German The award-winning diploma work has a theoretical framework, namely the Spaceship Earth concept by Buckminster Fuller. What he phrased as „spaceship ethics” is a theory according to which „mankind travels on the spaceship named Earth, using energy obtained […]

Japanese Baths Complex

Diploma Thesis, Technical University of Pécs Concept and text: Anna Fanni Juhász Consultant: Tamás Kondor The objective of this diploma work was to design a complex which is unique in both its functions and culture to be built in downtown Pécs. As a result, the blueprints of a Japanese baths were actually realized. Making use […]

House along Szinva

BME Residential Design Department Hauszmann Award 2020 Concept and text: Péter Peitl Consultant: Miklós Jancsó DLA The historic core of Miskolc is located at the intersection of two main axes of the city. A significant component of the morphology of the area is the wide main street parallel developed on the east-western axis, just like […]

Thermal Baths in Homoród

BME Diploma Work, 2020 Concept and text: László Bedő Tutor: Miklós Vannay DLA Székelyföld, the land of the Seklers is primarily famous for its cold and mesothermal springs of curative effects. According to surveys, one third of the mineral water stock of Europe is found in this region, more precisely in Transylvania. The design site […]