Xella „Zero Challenge”

In the spring of 2012 Xella published an international tender of several rounds for Czech, Hungarian, Austrian, Slovak and Slovenian architects inviting them to design detached family houses for Blaue Lagune, a condominium near Vienna presenting ready-houses with „almost zero energy consumption” by using Ytong–Silka–Multipor products.

The Freedom of Shaping

Adorján Portik architect-interior designer and his team developed and patented Free Form Buildings, a new construction method in 2009 to facilitate energy-efficiency and the preservation of the intact environment through the whole life-cycle of the building. As a result of the new technology the buildings adjusted to the modern technologies…

The Success of Odoo House in Madrid

Submitted by the students of BME (Budapest Technical University) for the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 in Madrid, the designs of the Odoo House made great success now: considering the joint assessed results of the 10 events it was rated the 6th best, and came second in two categories. Almost 60 students worked in the project representing almost each…

Just Architecture

On October 18th the Swiss Architectural Museum based in Basel offered leeway for an international movement looking for a way out for three days. During this time a window was opened from the representative rooms of the Kunsthalle into a reality yet to take shape. The exhibition was prepared by the Hochschule Luzern Design & Kunst which presented…

Looking for YU

In the interwar period the central power supported the character, the supposed spirituality and the architectural equivalent of the „Yugoslavian ancient race” with neo-Byzantine motifs. Massive monuments, quasi-Byzantine public buildings were erected in the age of the Bauhaus. However, in practice the western and central part of the county…

Living Space in a Former Factory Chimney

The historicizing-Art Nouveau style complex of the Gas Works in Óbuda was built in 1910-13 after designs by Károly Reichl and Albert Weisz. The single surviving building of the complex with its preserved chimney is made up of two parts of different technology of construction. The single-floor section derives from the original construction phase of the gas works…

Designs of the Children’s Department

The overall impression that I have of the diploma design – descriptions and illustrations, design pages and the computer-generated model – is a fine one. It was great pleasure for me that the applicant presented hand-drawn drawings revealing his personality and sketches expressively emphasizing the basics of the logic governing his designing process showing…

Golden Age

György Fekete exhibition

Museum of Applied Arts
28th September – 4th November 2012


For the 80th birthday of György Fekete
Text: György Szegő

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Cézanne and the Past

In our exhibition we wish to present an overview of Paul Cézanne’s oeuvre and his approach to the past through some eighty to one hundred paintings, drawings and watercolours by the artist supplemented by thirty to forty works (paintings, sculptures, gypsum copies, prints and illuminated books) by sixteenth-nineteenth-century masters.

Thirty-eight Years

Touching, sympathetic, loving book made ​​by Péter Wagner and Tamás Kőnig about the thirty-eight-year they have spent together in their common architectural firm so far. No pomposity, no fuss in more than three hundred pages, which is today, in this business really exemplary.

Budapest Guide in German

In the tourism of Budapest the German-speaking guests have considerable weight. Many of them are architects or visual culture artists. It matters how they see the history of Hungarian architecture and how appears them the contemporary architecture. Budapest is not only the city of writers and philosophers, but also of architects.