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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Designs of the Children’s Department

    Diploma Work – Széchényi István Municipal Library, Sopron

    Design: Vanda Csipler
    Consultant: Tibor Pál Tóth

    The overall impression that I have of the diploma design – descriptions and illustrations, design pages and the computer-generated model – is a fine one. It was great pleasure for me that the applicant presented hand-drawn drawings revealing his personality and sketches expressively emphasizing the basics of the logic governing his designing process showing components during work. Nice places nurture the personality. Creative independent characters can only be brought up at such locations, where it is not only ration, but also emotions, not only the final outcome, but also the joy of creation, the process itself that counts. In the present case the witty organization of space, the gallery created by elevating the floor level and the hiding places thus born, fresh ideas – such as the ceiling of magnifying glass or the playing corner –, the meaningfully organized functions and the furniture-equipment prove that illustrations appear as their summary. A component of the design defining it just like a logo is this gesture that here and there lets the muted white palette of the generously treated walls and bookshelves prevail, whilst elsewhere it becomes so dense that it can rule over them.