Architecture in Austria in the 20th and 21st centuries

Park Books – AZ Wien, 2016, 440 page Text: György Szegő Published more than a decade ago, the former “collection catalogue” of the Architekturzentrum (AZ) Wien gave a survey of 20th century architecture more than a decade ago. This edition of the same publication with the subtitle „in the 20th and 21st century reflects a […]

The Fifth Tree Ring

A Brief Survey 2015 – Restoring Historic Buildings in Pest County Text: Gábor Nagy The leaflet titled A Brief Survey (in Hungarian: Egy kis mustra) has been published now for the fifth time with the ambition to present restoration projects of historic buildings completed in the current year. Launched in 2011, the year when governmental […]

KÖZTI 66 / 42+24

The history of an architectural design company Text: György Szegő Photos: Fortepan The 2 volumes present the periods of a Hungarian architectural design company standing from 1949 up to the present days. Középülettervező Vállalat (KÖZTI, Public Building Design Company) had been a state-owned enterprise until 1949 until 1991 when it was privatized and incorporated. The […]

Atlas of European Architecture

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