Sails by the Pier

The Reconstruction of the Old Harbour, Tihany Architects: László Földes, András Farkas, Péter Sugár DLA Text: Bálint Botzheim Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky The Old Harbour, which is part of the Tihany peninsula, is located by the shore of Lake Balaton. Its architectural character conveys the relics of various stages preserved from its history. Facelifted now, this […]

Open Space for Arts

LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura Architect: Ivano Gianola Text: Eszter Götz Photos: Studio Fotografico Pagi LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura is a new cultural centre being opened in September 2015 and dedicated to the visual arts, music and the performing arts. The striking architectural structure overlooking the lake provides space for a rich programme of […]

Bridges to the Space

Pedestrian Bridges in Denmark Architects: Olafur Eliasson, Gjøde & Povlsgaard Text: Edit Pálinkás In Denmark, important aspect of urban planning is to think about what constitutes quality in urban space and about the atmosphere of a space. There is a strong tradition of focusing on inclusion, on accepting the other and welcoming ideas that we […]

Let us build a tent for the Lord…

Vadász chapel, Göbös manor Architects: Szilárd Köninger, Ádám Tátrai, Júlia Stein Text: János Golda Photos: Szilárd Köninger, Dániel Ungerhofer The Faculty of Architecture in Győr is not only looking for innovative ways of architectural creativity breaking through the borders of genres during the famous creative week, but also organizes voluntary village-building camps for students in […]

Diploma Awards 2015

Selection of the MÉK-MÉSZ Diploma Award Winning Designs The Hungarian Chamber of Architects and the Association of Hungarian Architects jointly advertise a contest for diploma prizes awarded for professional excellence on a regular basis, year by year now for graduate students majoring in architecture. In 2015 the jury of professionals awarded a total of ten […]

Nicolas Schöffer retrospective

Kunsthalle, Budapest, 29 October 2015 – 31 January 2016 The exhibition – realized through the cooperation of the artist’s widow – will present the futuristic-retro work of Nicolas Schöffer, the Hungarian-born French artist from October to January in the Műcsarnok. The objects on display will return abroad after the exhibition. The planning and preparations of […]

Max Fabiani. Architect of the Monarchy

Architekturzentrum Wien, 22 October – 30 November 2015 On 1 May 1865 Emperor Franz Joseph officially opened the Ringstraße in Vienna. In 2015 Vienna is celebrating this boulevard’s 150th birthday. 1865 is also the year in which Max Fabiani was born and in this anniversary year the Az W is delighted to present an exhibition […]

The History of Europe – Told by its Theatres

Theatermuseum, Vienna 22 October 2015 – 28 March 2016 For the first time six theatre museums from six different European countries have jointly created a touring exhibition that will be on show from 2015 to 2017 in Warsaw, Copenhagen, Vienna, Munich, Ljubljana, and London. With more than 250 exhibits, the exhibition illustrates how the history […]

World Day of Architecture 2015

Architecture, Building, Climate Text: Edit Pálinkás In line with the decree accepted by the UIA (Union Internationale des Architectes) in 1998, the World Day of Architecture is held on the first Monday of October every year. This year its events were organised in the spirit of the slogan „Architecture, Construction, Climate”. What is more, the […]

Home-Making Design

Design Week 2015, Budapest–Pécs–Sopron Text: Eszter Götz This year’s Design Week, which is the 12th in a row, focusses on homeyness and coziness, as well as on designing liveable spaces for every-day use, as the reaction to our accelerated lifestyle was born in the form of a brand new concept named „slow life”. This in […]

We are All Pilgrims

The Rehabilitation and Extension of the National Pilgrims’ Site in Mátraverebély-Szentkút Architect: Tamás Nagy Text: Miklós Sulyok Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky As a rule, a pilgrims’ site is traditionally the venue for reconciliation and coming to terms with God. Such sites have typically evolved where miraculous events took place according to tradition or local legends. Here […]

A Square with Gems

Győr, Dunakapu Square Architect: Mihály Kádár Text: Mária Tatai Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky Overlooking the riverbank of Győr, the square named Danube Gate was revived in 2015. It appears somewhat abandoned during the week but is quite busy in the evenings, on Sundays and holidays as it is a venue for a variety of events, festivals, […]