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    Market Building, Budafok

    Architect: András Tibor Kertész
    Text: Gábor Turányi
    Photos: József Hajdú


    The local government of Budafok published a design tender in 2009 to replace the old market and the new structure was built after the tender winning plans by András Kertész in 2015. Its architectural character reflects an experimental and yet mature architecture. It simultaneously conveys flexibility and firm statements. It is highly elaborate and yet has a lot of surprises hidden to offer. It creates a complicated spatial structure which is organic and integral with its concept of mass formation and structural solutions concerning both its closer and wider environment as well as with the materials used. The intense horizontal plans and profiles are followed by finely tuned and coordinated junctions. Safety of professional expertise, careful attitude feature every step made here. The project was born out of the clarity of structure and disciplined organization seen from the very beginning throughout the design process. The new twists and turns of spatial formation have been followed by genious structural solutions, engineering and electronic components.

    General architecture: Avant-Garde Építész Stúdió Kft.
    Leading architect: András Tibor Kertész DLA
    Fellow architects: Kristóf Juhász, András Klopp, Róbert Gál
    Structures: János Volkai – TM.Janeda Kft.
    HVAC: Péter Nógrádi – Hano-Plan Mérnöki és Tanácsadó Kft.
    Electrical engineering: Károly Dorgai – Dorterv Mérnökiroda Bt.
    Electric public utilities: Zoltán Béki – Tromos E. Mérnökiroda Bt.
    Landscape: Sarolta Torma – Land-A Kft.
    Traffic: Ádám Rhorer – Közlekedés Kft.
    Client: Budafok-Tétény Budapest XXII. kerület Önkormányzata
    Main contractor: Laterex Zrt.