Influence the World

Chairmen’s Meeting, UIA Region II, Cracow

Text: László Mikó

The meeting of the chairmen of the member countries of Region II, which consists of 32 members and is thus the most populous one, took place on October 15th-16th, 2015. …

Autonomous Variation(s) of the Cube

NIIFI Superb Computer Centre, University of Debrecen

Architect: Marcel Ferencz
Text: Zorán Vukoszávlyev
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

The Campus along Kassai Road is the site of the developments affecting the University of Debrecen at the grandest scale as it has …

Fine tuning

Market Building, Budafok

Architect: András Tibor Kertész
Text: Gábor Turányi
Photos: József Hajdú

The local government of Budafok published a design tender in 2009 to replace the old market and the new structure was built after the tender winning …

The Art of Gestures

Sports Swimming Pool, Győr

Architect: Attila Bodrossy
Text: Vilmos Katona
Photos: Tibor Zsitva

A construction project of generous scales as well as steps made in order to boost the population and sports life in the city feature schemes meant …

Family House in Farkasrét

House of the Year Prize 2015 – Special Mention

Architects: Gábor Bártfai-Szabó, Mariann Nagy
Text: Krisztián Dudics
Photos: György Dénes

The client, a married couple had alreday known the family house in Budakeszi designed by Bártfai-Szabó Gábor from an …

Organic Beautification

Ilcsi Beauty Parlour, Budapest

Architects: Attila Korompay, Ádám Hatvani
Text: Eszter Galamb
Photos: Balázs Danyi

Although Ilcsi branded Beautifying Products are traded in more than 40 countries all over the world, and hundreds of cosmetics parlours use them throughout …

A Gem in the Forest

Water-Tower, Nagyerdő, Debrecen

Architects: Zoltán Győrffy, Róbert Novák
Text: Zoltán Dragon
Photos: Zsolt Batár

The majority of our relics of industrial architecture have been doomed to a hard and difficult destiny by social-economic changes and transformations. many of them …

Sails by the Pier

The Reconstruction of the Old Harbour, Tihany

Architects: László Földes, András Farkas, Péter Sugár DLA
Text: Bálint Botzheim
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

The Old Harbour, which is part of the Tihany peninsula, is located by the shore of Lake Balaton. …

Open Space for Arts

LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura

Architect: Ivano Gianola
Text: Eszter Götz
Photos: Studio Fotografico Pagi

LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura is a new cultural centre being opened in September 2015 and dedicated to the visual arts, music and the …

Bridges to the Space

Pedestrian Bridges in Denmark

Architects: Olafur Eliasson, Gjøde & Povlsgaard
Text: Edit Pálinkás

In Denmark, important aspect of urban planning is to think about what constitutes quality in urban space and about the atmosphere of a space. There is …

Let us build a tent for the Lord…

Vadász chapel, Göbös manor

Architects: Szilárd Köninger, Ádám Tátrai, Júlia Stein
Text: János Golda
Photos: Szilárd Köninger, Dániel Ungerhofer

The Faculty of Architecture in Győr is not only looking for innovative ways of architectural creativity breaking through the borders …

Diploma Awards 2015

Selection of the MÉK-MÉSZ Diploma Award Winning Designs

The Hungarian Chamber of Architects and the Association of Hungarian Architects jointly advertise a contest for diploma prizes awarded for professional excellence on a regular basis, year by year now for …