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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • A Gem in the Forest

    Water-Tower, Nagyerdő, Debrecen

    Architects: Zoltán Győrffy, Róbert Novák
    Text: Zoltán Dragon
    Photos: Zsolt Batár


    The majority of our relics of industrial architecture have been doomed to a hard and difficult destiny by social-economic changes and transformations. many of them disappear without leaving behind a trace. As a result, they are erazed from the history of a city as well. Thanks to a healthy concept, the water-tower in Debrecen managed to resist oblivion. The architect of its reconstruction project meant to extend its functions intended to adjust the expectations phrased in the tender to facelift it as a tourist attraction to the original structure of the water-tower whilst preserving its values. The accessibility of the building was reconsidered, the level shifted below the platform, the abutments were split up, and spaces were wedged between the building and the street. Outer stairs leading on both sides have been transformed into water steps making the water surface around the building a continuous and homogeneous one. Spatial configuration of the interior reflects the functional relations between the rooms. The ceiling above the communication route has been pierced. As a result, the water tower is visible from everywhere and from every position inside and the exhibition hall also receives enough light. The atmosphere of the latter is defined by the modesty of the materials used, the simplicity of forms and the unique interplay of light coming from outside.

    Client: Debrecen Egyetem
    Architects: Zoltán Győrffy, Róbert Novák
    Structure: Zsigmond Dezső, Attila Kocsis
    HVAC: János Bánhalmi
    Traffic: Imre Gulyás
    Outdoor public utilities: Miklós Bartha
    Frames: Richárd Reisch
    Garden design: Tamás Sándor
    Kitchen technology: Csaba Bíró
    Water mechanics: Sándor Szűcs
    Main contractor: “Hajrá Debrecen!” kivitelezői konzorcium – Hunép Universal Építőipari Zrt., Épkerservice Zrt.
    Project management: Attila Törös, Erika Tóth, Krisztián Szabó, Sándor Szarvas Jr.