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  • Gömböc – Diploma design, EXPO 2010 Shanghai, competition

    Design: Bálint Botzheim

    Consultant: Jenő Kapy

    Gömböc („haggis”) is the first known homogeneous body with two points of equilibrium, a stable and an unstable one. The question whether such a body exists was raised by V.I Arnold Russian mathematician in 1995 whilst having a conversation with Gábor Domokos at a conference in Hamburg. As a result Domokos had actually created the new form with his colleague, Péter Várkonyi.

    Bálint Botzheim chose the design of the Hungarian pavillion at the  Sanghai Expo2010  as the theme of his diploma work and planned the new structure by using the design of Gömböc. Instead of components readily found he envisioned a process capable of generating a whole series of appropriate forms of which he selected the one most suitable for his purposes.