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  • Plans for a co-housing, Budapest, District XIII

    Diploma design, Budapest University of Technology

    Concept: Anna Müller
    Consultant: Miklós Jancsó

    Co-housing, also referred to as co-operative housing is a voluntary form of residence made up by a blend of private residential units and shared communal functions. Organised from below, it is a response to real needs of living as it is a framework within which dwellers have the potentials to develop their own living environment according to joint needs and objectives. The goals of the scheme are as follows: let there be multi-generational cohousing, as they bring about more sustainable communities as it has been proven. Transitory spaces have more significant roles with such a function, as the extending rooms, passages and halls between communal spaces and private homes are important meeting places. The concept of development, spatial organisation is based on a compact ground floor plus four storeys residential building with vertically positioned communal spaces at the end, whilst functions communicating with the city are housed on the ground floor.