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  • Results of the People’s Park Budapest Concept Competition

    Népliget is the largest park in Budapest’s landscaped park network, with the largest green space and a somewhat derelict and neglected park even though it has a rich past. The renewal of Népliget is therefore one of the key projects of the Dezső Radó Plan. As a first step, the Municipality of Budapest prepared a strategic plan for Népliget in cooperation with a wide range of public stakeholders, public authorities and district councils to outline a long-term vision for the park’s projected renewal. A total of 16 entries have been received for the competition. The Jury considered 6 entries to be worthy but did not award a first prize. The second prize was awarded to the entry of 4D Landscape Architects, with a shared 3rd prize to Újirány (New Direction) Landscape Architects Ltd, OpenSpace Ltd and Geum Studio.