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  • Architecture as a Social Value

    Pro Architectura Award, Média Architectural Prize, Budapest Architecture Award

    In the autumn of 2017 four prestigious architectural prizes were awarded within a few weeks’ time which all reinforce the recognition of the profession by society, as well as the relationshop between architecture and the public. On October 31st, the Pro Architectura recognitions for popularizing Hungarian architectural culture and high-standard built environment were awarded to ten professionals for their outstanding achievements in the Parliament building by János Lázár, the minister in charge of the ministries. On November 16th, two buildings were awarded the Budapest Architectural Award in FUGA, whilst three received awards of merit. November 18th saw the open public assessment and awards ceremony of the Média Architctural Award, this year the 13th time, whilst December 3rd was when the award giving ceremony of Silver Carpenter’s Pencil award founded by Honi Művészetért Alapítvány took place. This latter is an official recognition of high standard journalism specialized in architecture.