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  • Landscape Architect of the Year Award 2017

    FUGA Centre, 26 April 2017

    It is the sixth time that on April 26th, 2017 the ceremony of the award Landscape Architect of the Year was held in FUGA after shortlisting 16 candidates of whom five were finalists, Luca Csepely-Knorr (Manchester School of Architecture), Zsuzsanna Illyés (Tájmester Ltd), the Lépték-Terv Landscape Architects Office, Pagony Landscape Architects Office and Veronika Pápai (Főkert Design Studio). The designs submitted for the contest as well as the laudation and activities of each finalist were presented by a journalist respectively for the jury of professionals and the audience of 300 people. The jury estimated the designs by Lépték-Terv as the best ones, thus they received the award Landscape Architects of the Year 2017 and the fund offered by Semmelrock Stein+Design Ltd. also went to them. Designs by Lépték-Terv included the landscape conversion of Széll Kálmán Square, the Újhegyi avenue in Kőbánya. Their product development named Viaplant touching applied arts is yet another promising experiment on materials that has the potentials to create useful textures that can be used both indoor and outdoor in public domains. The award Junior Landscape Architect of the Year 2017 went to Evelin Enikő Tóth.