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  • Architects-in-Chief Awards 2022

    Photos: Benedek Bognár

    Established in 2000, the Chief Architect of the Year Awards have been presented for the 23rd time this year. This award is to honour an active architect, whilst the Chief Architect Oeuvre Award is given to a long-serving or retired/retiring architect. A total of 52 architects have been awarded with it so far. In 2022, the Chief Architect of the Year Award will go to Mihály Rudolf, architect, formerly Chief Architect of Felsőzsolca, the township of Tokaj and the village of Füzér. Lőrinc Csernyus, architect has been awarded the Architect of the Year prize in his capacity as the chief architect of the townships of Csenger, Enying, Makó and the village of Lajoskomárom, formerly chief architect of several municipalities.