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  • National Sample Design Catalog

    Family house plan database available free of charge

    Text: Eszter Götz
    Photos: Lechner Knowledge Center

    From March 021, a detailed design documentation of modern family houses can be downloaded free of charge from the new website of the National Sample Design Catalog (mintatervkatalogus.hu). The online family house design database, implemented in collaboration with the Deputy State Secretariat for Architecture, Construction and Heritage Protection and the Lechner Knowledge Center, helps to create a home, keeping in mind the quality of the built environment. One can choose between professionally and technically inspected plans according to different parameters (number of rooms, floor area, number of family members, installation method, roof shape, plot slope). The package also includes a site selection guide and a planning program, so it is not only an architectural plan, but also a plan of technical and engineering solutions, and the most suitable energy system can be selected.