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  • The Magic of Continuity

    Budapest ONE Office Building, Budapest

    Architects: Gergely Paulinyi, András Reith, István Vámossy
    Text: Anett Mizsei
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    The parametric ring designed by Paulinyi&Partners has become an iconic building forming part of the skyline of Kelenföld. The sculpturesque volume appears as a landmark within the urban fabric, which does not impose itself on its surroundings with its restrained height. Its self-turning ribbon is a rounded off whole entity which engages in a dialogue with its neighbours. Its openness connects the neighbourhood with the dynamic development of the Kelenföld surroundings. The interior of the ring is a shaded green space, connected by important community, commercial and catering functions, serving both the residents and the workers in the area. The strength and continuity of the forms is most intensely felt from the inner courtyard. The curves are large enough to give us a sense of momentum, while positive and negative curves modulate and articulate the building’s otherwise considerable volume. The cafés, restaurants and shops transform the spacious courtyard into a ‘small town’ space. The green surface undulates in three dimensions to create a soft, hilly micro-scape. Making use of parametric design and BIM, the end result is an optimised, contemporary reaction able to create the best possible illumination, building physics and comfort requirements at each point of the arc within the ring shape. The building was awarded WELL Health-Safety and BREEAM Excellent Design State accreditations before its opening to the public for its environmentally friendly solutions and design conceived with the health of its workers in mind.

    Leading architects: Gergely Paulinyi Dr DLA, András Reith Dr PhD, István Vámossy
    Architect: Gergő Burián Gergő Dr DLA
    Project architects: Miklós Balaskó, Imre Haaz, Márton Kiss
    Fellow architects: Tamás Baranya, Julianna Bense-Füzy, Júlia Csutorka, Balázs Móser, Lóránt Vida
    Interior designers: Orsolya Vass, Ágnes Vámossy – Zenit Home / Paulinyi & Partners
    Further fellow architects: Mátyás Ágó, Bálint Botzheim, Péter Bukovszky, Ursula Czetl-Gunst, Tamás Czíria, András Debreceni, Szabolcs Dienes, Bálint Füzes, Csaba Kiss, Gergely Molnárka, Gábor Nagy, Roland Németh, Antal Perlaki, Judit Paulinyi, Zalán Reviczky, Titusz Rónai, Edina Simon, Júlia Somodi-Ridzi, Mária Szecsei, Margó Szécsi, Béla Szivák, Zsófia Szulágyi, Erzsébet Terbe, Ibolya Tömösiné Nagy, Orsolya Vass
    Landscape: Borbála Gyüre, Gergely Lád – Geum
    Client: Futureal Group