120 Years of the Journal Hungarian Architecture

Text: György Szegő In 1903, just 120 years ago, the Association of Hungarian Architects, newly founded then by Ödön Lechner and Alajos Hauszmann, launched a new journal titled Magyar Pályázatok (Hungarian Tenders). Today’s Magyar Építőművészet (Hungarian Architecture) is the successor of this periodical, and is regarded as of considerable age even by European standards. At […]


Details from the lecture given at the 120th festive meeting of MÉSZ Text: Ákos Moravánszky For the 120th anniversary of the founding of the Hungarian Architectural magazin, we quote from the architectural theorist Prof. Ákos Moravánszky’s lecture, which was delivered in October 2022 at the House of Architects, at the meeting celebrating the 120th anniversary […]

Iván Kotsis Award 2021: Tamás Karácsony

This recognition awarded by the Association of Hungarian Architects is a „fair-play prize” of professionals symbolizing the approach authenticated also by the oeuvre of the denominator with his pursue of his vocation with the modesty of an architect based on ethics. Besides, it is also an appreciation of high-standard education. At the awards ceremony held […]

Lantos Museum Pécs 2022

The Results of the Competition of the MMA Section of Architecture In the autumn of 2022, the Architecture section of the Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA, Magyar Művészeti Akadémia) announced its open competition for architectural themed ideas with cash prizes for architects, architects, engineers and interior designers under 40 years of age. The MMA usually […]

Global City Pergola

Athletic Stadium, Budapest Text: György Szegő Architects: Marcel Ferencz, György Détári Photos: György Palkó The development of the National Athletics Centre is to connect the northern and southern areas of the entire Pest quay for thosa walking, travelling by bicycle (and by the river using the harbour). The three-level facility is located in the heart […]

Solitary High-Rise

MOL Campus, Budapest Architects: Foster and Partners, Finta és Társai Építész Stúdió Interior Architects: KINZO Architekten, Minusplus Text: Péter Debreczeni Photos: Attila Gulyás MOL Campus is the very first skyscraper in Budapest and the tallest office building all over Hungary. It is built on land between Kopaszi dam and the new, densely developed residential and […]

The Magic of Continuity

Budapest ONE Office Building, Budapest Architects: Gergely Paulinyi, András Reith, István Vámossy Text: Anett Mizsei Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky The parametric ring designed by Paulinyi&Partners has become an iconic building forming part of the skyline of Kelenföld. The sculpturesque volume appears as a landmark within the urban fabric, which does not impose itself on its surroundings […]

Valuable Renewal

Kozmo Hotel and Zoya Apartment Hotel, Budapest Architects: Gergely Draskóczy, Gabriella Mészáros Text: Mária Tatai Photos: Zsolt Batár Horváth Mihály Square, near József Boulevard, is one of the most important squares in district VIII of Pest. Although it is bisected by the busy Baross Street, the more than 200-year-old St. Joseph’s Church lends it a […]


Kós Károly Vocational School, Érd Architects: Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther Text: Tamás Kiss Photos: Balázs Danyi Over the past 50 years, the city of Érd has developed by leaps and bounds. While in 1970 the settlement was a village, in 1979 it was rated as a town. The renovation of the buildings housing Károly Kós […]

Let There Be Snow!

Vasas Ski House, Normafa, Budapest Architects: Botond Völgyi, György Székely Text: Miklós Okrutay Photos: József Hajdú This story began with a wooden hut, a classic ERDÉRT type hut, now for who knows what reason, installed near the forest path leading from Normafa to János Hill. It is a temporary building or a base for foresters, […]

Space, Material, Time

Reconstruction of the Former Monastery Mill in Pásztó Architect: Gábor Sisák Text: Anett Mizsei Photos: Gábor Sisák Pásztó is a town at the foot of the Mátra Hills, but still amongst the gentle slopes. The remains of its ill-fated monastery mill were recently taken over by architect Gábor Sisák ‒ and with him archaeologists, heritage […]

Inner Light

József Mindszenty Museum and Pilgrimage Centre, Zalaegerszeg Architects: Mihály Kádár, Csaba Balogh Text: Zoltán Dragon Photos: Krisztina Ancza, Levente Sirokai One of Hungary’s newest buildings for exhibitions, the Mindszentyneum building in Zalaegerszeg was inaugurated on October 23rd last year. Built with the help of the Modern Cities Programme, Mindszentyneum is a testimony to the museum […]