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    Kozmo Hotel and Zoya Apartment Hotel, Budapest

    Architects: Gergely Draskóczy, Gabriella Mészáros
    Text: Mária Tatai
    Photos: Zsolt Batár

    Horváth Mihály Square, near József Boulevard, is one of the most important squares in district VIII of Pest. Although it is bisected by the busy Baross Street, the more than 200-year-old St. Joseph’s Church lends it a distinct character. Another significant building is the imposing mass of the former Joseph Telephone Centre, which also forms the square wall leading to the church. Fortunately for the building, which is more than 100 years old, its volumes and facades were restored with maximum authenticity between 2018 and 2021, and it continues to provide a rich architectural experience for passers-by. The historicist-revivalist, mixed-form style of the wings is not distracting, but rather articulated and varied, thanks to its proportions. All this is credited to the original designer, Vilmos Ray Rezső, and the old builders (1910‒17), and the current designers have retained the original exterior by cleaning up the surfaces and restoring the windows.
    The building is adorned with associated artworks and decorative components that suggest communication, the latter adding an early Art Deco touch to the overall impression. While preserving the exterior of the building, the Syrian and Spanish investors have given the interior a completely new purpose. The wings facing the square have been converted into an apartment block, while the others have been turned into a luxury hotel. While preserving and restoring the essence, the elegant contemporary interior design makes the building a high-quality architectural creation, which was awarded an award of merit and commendation at the 2022 Budapest Architecture Award contest.

    Leading architects: Gergely Draskóczy, Gabriella Mészáros
    Architects: Tamás Németh, István Mester
    Structure: Tamás Méri, Péter Neumayer, Ákos Salacz, Kálmán Vida
    HVAC: Balázs András-Tövissi, Gábor Bujtár, Attila Lucz, Gyula Kovács
    Electrical engineering: Ferenc Rajkai
    Insulation: Sándor Horváth
    Fire protection: György Decsi
    Water utilities: Sándor Farkas
    Noise protection: Róbert Csott
    Client: Zenobia Hungary, MHC Hotel Company
    Contractors: Codecsa HU, Climava HU, Reticolo, Traboré Design