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  • 120 Years of the Journal Hungarian Architecture

    Text: György Szegő

    In 1903, just 120 years ago, the Association of Hungarian Architects, newly founded then by Ödön Lechner and Alajos Hauszmann, launched a new journal titled Magyar Pályázatok (Hungarian Tenders). Today’s Magyar Építőművészet (Hungarian Architecture) is the successor of this periodical, and is regarded as of considerable age even by European standards. At the turn of the century, most architects had access to mainly English and German architectural periodicals, but the best of Hungarian historicism (revivalist styles) and Art Nouveau (which was considered to be modern at that time), either built or preserved as tender designs, remained hidden, although Hungarian architects were forging their own path in this sense. However, it was inevitable that they should be made public as soon as possible. From 1951 up till now, there has been a continuously published journal of Hungarian Architecture. From 1957 onwards, the professional spirit came to the fore, and the practitioners of architecture and their journals began to shake off politics. Architects, authors and editors, who were seeking an identity of both local and global responsibilities, of free creative and cultural freedom, and who also sought this in their works, could increasingly make their voices heard here. For the past 20 years, the journal has been cooperating in close association with universities and academic forums all over the country. In addition to presenting the diversity of Hungarian Architecture, it also provides a forum for theoretical studies in search of new paths and experimental projects in search of the architecture of the future.