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  • A Public Building of a Village

    Telki Sports Hall

    Architect: Barnabás Láris
    Text: Gergő Burián
    Photos: Bálint Jaksa

    The evolution of the sports hall in Telki is a unique story: as a prelude to the existing house, a vault-shaped hangar-like metal sports hall was built by the town. The shell-structure hall was not a design welcome by the locals, and were justified in criticising the industrial form and appearance that would be placed almost right in the heart of the settlement. Then architect Barnabás Láris was commissioned with the task to „optically improve”, whilst of course keeping to a minimal budget. The metal vault structure was demolished, but the layered glued wooden struts supporting the end walls were made use of as parts of the strut system of the new additive mass. Besides using the creative structures – partly enforced –, the floor plan of the building also reveals simplicity. To complement the rectangular sports field the designer made a parallelogram plan. The changing rooms and the service functions were moved to the northern side, whilst the components deviating from the perpendicular coordinate system was elevated from the direction of the access route. The generous and logical spatial configuration resulted in a transparent, easy to use and practical interior where ashen wood sports floors, timber struts and easily dispensed colourful surfaces harmonize to continue the architectural quality experienced in spatial formation.

    General architecture: Modulárt Ltd.
    Leading architect: Barnabás Láris
    Fellow architects: Péter Böröcz, Györgyi Csanádi-Szikszay
    Structure: Károly Lehel Kovács
    Framework: Gábor Honti
    HVAC: Zoltán Lobenvein
    Electrical engineering: Géza Nagypál
    Fire protection: Norbert Szabó
    Sports technology: Zita Tappler
    Financial management: Gábor Zajka