The 120th Anniversary of the Association of Hungarian Architects

Greetings from the chief editor of the Hungarian Architecture magazin Text: György Szegő We have two good reasons to celebrate the 120th anniversary of MÉSZ. One of them being that this arts, professional and social organisation has lived this iconic age without having to change its original objectives and thus it has remained the same. […]

State Awards to Architects

March 15th, 2022 On our national holiday, Marc 15th prestigious prizes are awarded by the state annually. In 2022, besides the traditional awards ceremony of the Ybl Prize further recognitions have been presented to Hungarian architects, and thus the profession nationwide. Kossuth Award: Gábor Zoboki architect Széchenyi award: Győző Vörös, archaeologist Hungarian Merit Award: Etele […]

Venice Architecture Biennale 2023

Results of the Hungarian Pavilion Contest In line with the practice in Hungary, the national representative of the Venice Biennale, dr. Júlia Fabényi, head of Ludwig Múzeum – Contemporary Art Museum selected the curator and exhibition of the Hungarian Pavilion after an open tender, based on the decision of the jury of professionals. Of the […]

The Nature of Architecture

19th International Congress of Architecture, 25. 03. 2022 Text: Orsolya Ware-Nagy Representatives of the Hungarian architectural profession met for the nineteenth time at the International Congress of Architects organized in cooperation with Artifex Publishing and the Association of Hungarian Architects (MÉSZ). The buzzword in the nature of architecture organized this year’s performances around a theme, […]

The Park of Architecture

Results of the Design Contest The Hungarian Arts Academy published the single-turn archietctural design contest titled “The Park of Architecture” in September 2021 to house the collections and exhibitions of the Hungarian Architecture Museum and Monument Protection Documentation Centre maintained by the Academy as well as its public functions in a complex. The task was […]


The Reconstruction of the Opera House Architect: Gábor Zoboki Text: Bálint Botzheim Photos: Tamás Réthey-Prikkel The Opera House of Budapest was accepted with huge respect on its opening to the public in 1884. Built after designs by Miklós Ybl, it was an architectural bravado of architecture and is regarded as such even today. The original […]

Wide Perspectives

PADME Science Centre, Budapest Architects: Júlia Losonczy, Miklós Oroszlány Text: Tamás Kiss Photos: Balázs Danyi Castle Hill in Buda is undoubtedly a most significant site of the country also in the architectural sense. Walking on the streets of the middle-class district we see the medieval grid of plots openly revealing the evolution of the historical […]

Contemporary and Modern

Family Mansion, Sopron Architect: Bence Török-Szabolcs Text: Anna Szövényi Photos: Zsolt Batár Located south of downtown Sopron is a contemporary design family mansion built in a characteristic hillside grown over with pine trees facing north. The landscape wedged between the city and the mountains we can see press-houses like cellars interspersing well-sized residential buildings being […]

Witnessing Walls

Conversion of the Franciscan Convent and St Anthony’s Church in Pasarét, Budapest Architect: Gábor Sajtos Text: Zoltán Dragon Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky The complex housing the Franciscan Convent and St Anthony’s Church in Pasarét was consecrated in 1934 and was perhaps the most modern church building in Budapest back in tose days. Its designer, Gyula Rimanóczy […]

A Live Icon

The New Community Hall of Hungarian Saints’ Parish, Budapest Architects: Mihály Balázs, Dávid Török, Balázs Falvai, Márton Nagy Text: Eszter Götz Photos: Antal Bánhegyesy Located in the campus of ELTE in Lágymányos, the Hungarian Saints’ Church was extended by a new community hall, which was justified by the pure fact that the congregation attracts a […]

Simple Solutions

MAGtár Events Hall, Alsóbogát Architect: Miklós M. Miltényi Text: Anna Szövényi Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky Alsóbogát is a tiny village halfway between Kaposvár and Lake Balaton, and yet it has a history of a millennium and also has two castles. One of them, referred to as the Festetics-Inkey castle has an estate of significant size, a […]

A Public Building of a Village

Telki Sports Hall Architect: Barnabás Láris Text: Gergő Burián Photos: Bálint Jaksa The evolution of the sports hall in Telki is a unique story: as a prelude to the existing house, a vault-shaped hangar-like metal sports hall was built by the town. The shell-structure hall was not a design welcome by the locals, and were […]