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  • The 120th Anniversary of the Association of Hungarian Architects

    Greetings from the chief editor of the Hungarian Architecture magazin

    Text: György Szegő

    We have two good reasons to celebrate the 120th anniversary of MÉSZ. One of them being that this arts, professional and social organisation has lived this iconic age without having to change its original objectives and thus it has remained the same. In other words, it has coordinated as an association of architecture construction, design, applied arts, associated arts and fine arts as parts of visual culture, as Gesamtkunstwerk. The other reason is that the association came into being in 1902 when political-cultural oppositions already appeared in Hungary, and the „master” representing both poles of architecture was elected by the membership to manage the association in such a way which is exemplary even today for architects and artists alike. The editor-in-chief of the periodical Hungarian Architecture wishes lots of energy to MÉSZ on this special occasion on behalf of the editorial board to realize the enormous tasks defined by the predecessors: to coordinate all participants of architecture for yet another 120 years.