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  • Co-working House from an Industrial Monument

    Base4Work, Bratislava

    Architecture, interiors: DF Creative Group, Studio Perspektiv
    Text: György Szegő
    Photos: BoysPlayNice

    There are only a few buildings with industrial history left in Bratislava that have managed to adapt to the current needs. One of them is functionalist building of Dusan Jurkovič’s Heating Plant, which has been opened to the public after a three-year renovation as a modern coworking centre named Base4Work. As a very specific space, the Bratislava heating plant has been looking for a new function for a long time. The developer’s vision was to create an inspiring and diverse workspace that would provide a background to connect different user groups – from corporate clients to start-ups and freelancers, in a unique environment of a national cultural monument. The competitive advantage of coworking spaces often lies in their uniqueness, which is why the investor, together with the architects, decided to reflect the same idea in this industrial monument.

    Architecture: DF Creative Group
    Interior design: Studio Perspektiv
    Leading architects and interior designers: Ján Antal, Martin Stára, Barbora S. Babocká – Studio Perspektiv, Martin Paško – DF Creative Group
    Building envelope renovation: PAMARCH
    Fellow designers: Jakub Budaj, Silvia Snopková – Studio Perspektiv
    Client: Penta Real Estate