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  • Reconstruction of the History

    Fort Captain’s Lodge, Gödöllő, ICOMOS Prize 2020

    Architect: Gábor Kruppa
    Tex: Eszter Götz
    Photos: Török Tamás / Topogram

    Located next to the castle in Gödöllő, the fort captain’s lodge was built around 1750 and whenever it was used it had functions associated with the castle. Its spectacular timber porch was an addition sometime after 1900. The bulding started to slowly deteriorate after 1945, which then accelerated following the change of the political system, and even though it was taken over temporarily by private owners, it did not help. The local government repurchased it in 2010 intending to use it for cultural and communal purposes. The comprehensive facelifting was finished by the end of 2019 and was awarded the ICOMOS prize in 2020. The fort captain’s lodge has been restored to its original structure and spatial configuration including architectural details. Equipped with contemporary engineering system, it is now suited to all modern uses and functions.

    General design: Kima Stúdió
    Leading architect: Gábor Kruppa
    Architects: Tamás Merkel, Piroska Rónai, Tamás Butora
    Structure: László Besey, Zoltán Szabó
    Electrical engineering: János Petkovics
    HVAC: Dániel Komáromi
    Fire protection: Orsolya Brindzik
    Landscape: László Andaházy
    Roads: Zsolt Fekete
    Timber protection: András Pluzsik Dr.
    Wall survey: Attila Kövesi
    Frescoe restoration: József Lángi
    Art historians: Tamás Balázsik, Péter Rostás
    Monument history expert: Péter Klaniczay