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  • Europe at the Faculty of Architecture

    Text: Eszter Götz

    The Department of Industrial and Building Design – more publicly referred to as Industrial Department – at the Faculty of Architecture of the Budapest Technical University – joined an international educational training programme offering unpecedented opportunities for both its students and its teachers. Introducing the programme, András Tibor Kertész university lecturer initiated that the department joined a comprehensive programme involving several faculties of architecture from all over Europe. The essence of the project is that architect students from several cities of the continent work together on a joint designing task throughout an academic term. The common topic is launched at the beginning of the term at a wokshop lasting a few days, typically in a city chosen as the site of designing – last year it was Naples, this year it is Berlin –, and the teams of students joining the programme throughout the term continue designing at home with their teachers. At last as the completion of the term the achievements are assessed in a joint session, with the participation of every student and teacher concerned.