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    In-vitro Diagnostics Block, Debrecen

    Architects: Péter Kovács, István Lengyel
    Text: János Gerle
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    The development of the University in Debrecen is embodied in buildings continuously deserving professional credit. After the library and educational centre by Ernő Kálmán and György Major, the dormitory by Ferenc Bán, the life science institute by János Golda and Gábor Szenderffy the IT centre constructed in the campus and the laboratory building within the clinic complex to be opened contribute to the list. We are hereby analysing the latter in details.
    Making a tour of the building yet to be inaugurated one does not experience the effects of a tight budget but quite the contrary, the generosity in both the architectural concept and the technology. Designers found the solution in the spirit of the tender description but without sticking to its prescriptions: spatial design of public traffic, which is quite an experience, besides the functional, cleanliness and security conditions required by the diagnostic laboratories. The new building is erected on the site of its demolished antecedents, the triangular lot was a given, whilst the theoretical block by Tibor Mikolás next to it was built in the spirit of the 1970s, although the building following the contemporary Japanese formation of monumental ferro-concete structures with highstandard details has a geometry communicating with its acute-angular roof foms and protruding window boxes: the new laboratory wing also restores the pestige of the building.

    Generáltervezés / design: Archiko Kft. – Lengyel Építészműterem Kft.
    Vezető tervezők / leading architects: Kovács Péter, Lengyel István
    Építész munkatársak / fellow architects: Ferenczi Ottó, Kazamér György, Molnár Éva, Barabás Lajos, Bartha Tibor, Kecskés István
    Statika / structure: Dezső Zsigmond, Kocsis Attila
    Épületgépészet / technical installations: Nagy Imre, Hámori Sándor
    Elektromosság / electrical engineering: Nagy Zsolt
    Közmű / public utilities: Szabó István
    Környezetrendezés / landscape: Sándor Tamás
    Közlekedés / traffic: Mocsári Attila
    Orvostechnológia / medical technology: Ifkó Iván
    Labortechnológia / lab technology: Komló Zsuzsanna
    Akusztika / acoustics: Józsa Gusztáv
    Megbízó / client: Debreceni Egyetem Orvosi-, és Egészségtudományi Centrum
    Generálkivitelező / main contractor: HUNÉP Universal Építőipari Zrt – Magyar Építő Zrt.