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    The reconstruction of the main square in Százhalombatta

    Archietcts: András Korényi, István Zoltai
    Landscape: Gábor Karádi
    Text: Zsolt Szendrei
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    The reconstruction of St Stephen’s Square in Százhalombatta was awarded the high-standard prize for the reconstruction of public squares in 2011. This prize was founded by the Hungarian Urbanistics Society (MUT) and the Hungarian National Board Society of ICOMOS in 2009. The main square today is wedged between two industrial complexes in the focus of an extensive housing estate zone. The environment of St Stephen’s Square was gradually constructed in several phases. In 1985 first the council house was built, followed by the library and the culture centre, whilst King St Stephen’s Church designed by Imre Makovecz was completed after the change of the political system in 1996. The fourth side of the square was only realized during the reconstruction of the square in 2010 with the new building designed by András Korényi and István Zoltai to house a conference centre, an auditorium as well as apartments. The remodelling was meant to create a new high-standard public area, a worthy meeting place for people living in the neighbouring housing estate.

    Generáltervező / general design: Korényi és Társai Kft
    Vezető tervezők / leading architects: Korényi András, Zoltai István
    Építész tervezők / architects: Korényi Balázs, Nagy Csilla
    Tájépítész / landscape: Karádi Gábor – Táj-Consult Bt.
    Belsőépítészet / interior design: Tildi Béla – DT Stúdió Kft.
    Statika / structure: Puskás Balázs – Terraplan ’97 Kft.
    Épületgépészet / technical installations: Temesvári László, Borsos Tibor – Temesvári Kft.
    Elektromos tervezés / electrical engineering: Kelemen Ferenc – Kelevill Bt.
    Rendezvényközpont technológia / conference technology: Bárdos Tamás – Kelevill Bt.
    Közlekedés, forgalomtechnika / traffic: Lukács Miklós – Mikroline Kft.
    Külső közmű / outdoor public utilities: Kovács Péter – Kopéterv Kft., Vámos István – Vámos Kft
    Kivitelezés / main contractor: Kalotherm Zrt.