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    The Holy Family Roman Catholic Community House, Hernád

    Architects: Mihály Balázs, Balázs Tatár

    Text: Miklós Sulyok

    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    Thought and emotion, orientation and identification as the basic criteria of modern architecture. These are the concepts originating from Christian Norber-Schulz that Krisztina Somogyi emphasizes in her monographic volume on Mihály Balázs. Actually, it is the very essence of Balázs’ architecture. The rather too rational approach of modern industrialized architecture is counteracted by the natural acceptance of the feeling in the latest large-scale work of Balázs: it is the Knowledge Centre in Pécs. Orientation tends to be associated with character, the special uniqueness in the best sense of the word, the unmistakeable, and yet familiar, never autotelic, spectacular sight and design of the house, which is a very difficult task. Character then leads to identification: it is fine to identify with what is recognizably part of the location as it is something that keeps and preserves.

    Építészet / architecture: Balázs Mihály DLA, Tatár Balázs

    Statika / structure: Baskó Ottó

    Elektromosság / electrical engineering: Krén József

    Épületgépészet / technical installations: Mangel Zoárd

    Tűzvédelem / fire protection: Horváth István

    Megbízó / client: Dr. Beer Miklós váci püspök

    Kivitelező / main contractor: Csontos Mihály